Monday, October 28, 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacked President Obama website and social media


Syrian Electronic Army Targeted President Obama’s website, Twitter and Facebook accounts and email account linked to his non-profit activities.

Once again Syrian Electronic Army, the pro-Assad group claims it has hacked the President Barack Obama’s website, the social media accounts belonging to him on Twitter and Facebook and it violated the email accounts linked to a non-profit offshoot of Obama For America, Organizing For Action. The following image posted by SEA is the proof of the hack of the Obama Campaign email account
obama emails hacked
The attack started this night when the Syrian Electronic Army redirected visitors to the website of the group of hacktivists ( that displayed an eloquent message:

Hacked by SEA
At the time of writing, the was restored and it no longer redirects users to the website of the Syrian Electronic Army.
Once again I remark that Syrian Electronic Army is a structured and fearsome hacking group pro the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that conducted numerous high profile attacks against media agencies, government organizations and private companies, the last campaign in order of time hit most Qatar websites.
The SEA mission is to defend the President from the attack of enemies especially based on disinformation campaign promoted by Western governments.
It was just the beginning because the Syrian Electronic Army has also taken over another donation page still present on the site and it has posted fake tweets and updates from Obama’s Facebook Page and Twitter accounts.
All the links that Barack Obama account tweeted it and post it on Facebook was redirected to a video showing the truth about Syria” stated the group to Mashable.
obama twitter hacked
obama facebook account hacked
At this moment the links posted on President social media accounts had not been fixed.
The group has published on twitter a message to its follower motivating the attack with following statement:

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