Thursday, October 10, 2013

Windows Phone digital forensics

Abbreviated as WP, Windows Phone is a new Smartphone operating system developed by Microsoft in order to succeed the old Windows Mobile. This “new” operating system may potentially be the major mobile platform in next few years. Windows Phone is still a young proprietary mobile operating system, which can mean their digital forensics are still not very advanced.
This article will take a look at Windows Phone 7 from a forensics perspective; we’ll see how to explore SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp messages, how to extract emails, contacts and pictures. I’ll show you the basics and extract as much information as I can from a Windows Phone.
All tests will be done on an unlocked Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows Phone 7.5, but theoretically this should work with any with Windows Phone device.
Windows Phone 7 has a security model based on the least privilege principle, a set of privileges that is given to a certain process starting from lowest access rights given to Windows Phone developer. Standard rights are given to a native application. In addition to that, every user application is running in a kind of sandbox – which means it runs in a restricted environment and isn’t allowed to directly access the operating system internals.
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