Friday, November 1, 2013

Twitter Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability


Security expert Ebrahim Hegazy has found another serious vulnerability in Twitter, he has discovered an Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability.

The popular Ebrahim Hegazy has found another serious vulnerability in Twitter, the cyber security analyst and Consultant at Q-CERT has discovered a flaw in the social media that allows Unrestricted File Upload.
When a user creates a new application on Twitter from Twitter Developer Center ( the procedure allows for the authors to upload an image to associate with the application.
ebrahim Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability
The image Uploader will check for the uploaded files to accept certain image extensions only, like PNG, JPG while other extensions won’t get uploaded.
The Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability allowed the expert to bypass this inadequate security check and to successfully upload .htaccess and .php files to server. I remind to the readers that is working as a CDN (content delivery network) for Twitter which mean that every time user uploads a  file it will be hosted on a different server/subdomain  of The was one of the demons attacked by the Syrian Electronic Army during the offensive against Twitter.
In CDN’s usually scripting engines are not allowed to run, the a normal scenarios a successful exploitation of uploading htaccess & PHP files to a server that supports the PHP is:
  • Remote Code Execution on that server.
But in Twitter case the consequences are:
  • It could be used to make as a Botnet Command server by hosting a text file with commands, so infected machines would connect to that file to take its commands. Since is a trusted domain by users so it won’t grab the attention.
  • Hosting of malicious files.
  • It could be used to upload a text page with a defacement content and then add the infected sub-domains of as a mirror to which would affect the reputation of Twitter.
The following videos are the proof of the concept of the Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability in Twitter

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